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Looking to save money on your project?

We have a smart solution for you.

Whether you're preparing a bid or need to know real-world site conditions, 3D Scanning can be a smart service in your project management toolbox to save money on your project!

Here’s one example:

3D Scanning is more accurate, faster and cost less to perform. To demonstrate, on-site manpower is costly and time consuming to manually measure the project site versus using a 3D Scanning Service approach.

In this scenario, an estimated 75% savings is realized using DJM’s 3D Scan Service.


Cost-Savings Scenario: NYC Building Renovation 7,500 Total Sq. Ft. (3) Floors

Case study of Cost Saving by 3D Scanning

Conclusion: From the design stage to the inspection stage, 3D scanning and measurement is an integral tool for the construction industry. Detailed and accurate as-built documentation derived from 3D Scan technology saves significant planning and labor time while providing a higher level of accuracy over typical manual measuring methods.

DJM 3D Scan Services also provides:

  • • Ability to measure ceilings, walls, elevations, beams and more from within the scan files.

  • • Ends return trips to re-do field verifications.

  • • Remote virtual inspection and greater project management analysis.

  • • 3D Scan to BIM Models.

  • • Updated and accurate as-built documentation/drawings.