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3D representation of Architecture

DJM operates as a virtual construction company in the construction industry. DJM is divided into trades as a building project would be constructed. You would not have plumbers installing sheet metal so why would the plumbing draftsman be drawing sheet metal?

At DJM, each trade is being drawn by a drafting technician for that specific trade. DJM provides the highest quality drawings in the industry along with the fastest turnaround times. Whether your project is a new or renovation design project, a BIM coordinated drawing or the need for fabrication drawings; DJM has the trained personnel that specialize in each area.

DJM's drawings are coordinated before the project moves to the build phase, eliminating changes in work orders and RFI's.

DJM CAD Design & Coordination Services, Inc. works with clients throughout the United States and Internationally servicing projects for Government Sites, Town/Municipal Buildings, K-12 Schools, Hospitals/Medical Centres, Commercial and Retail Groups, Manufacturing Companies and Hotels / Multi-housing / Condominium Builders.

3D Drafting, 3D Scanning, Conceptual CAD and BIM Project Coordination.

Contact one of the following for your next project:

Estimating :
Kelly Freed
Kelly has been estimating for DJM for over 5 years. You can contact Kelly for pricing or questions about pricing.
610-287-1542 ext 103

Project Managers/BIM Coordinators :
Matt Webster
Matt is a lead BIM Project Manager. Matt has successfully completed many of our largest projects.
His projects have included Luxury high rise multi housing/multi use buildings, sports facilities, Government facilities, office buildings, Education , and Medical Facilities.
610-287-1542 ext 102

Glenn Buchter
Glenn has an extensive background in installation and servicing all mechanical systems for large commercial and industrial buildings.
610-287-1542 ext 106

Aisha Whitman
Aisha has an extensive background in architectural design and BIM project management for the construction industry.
610-287-1542 ext 109

3D Scanning Division :
John Brown
John is the manager of our Scanning Division. He will estimate, schedule and manage the scan files for your next 3D scan.
610-287-1542 ext 115

DJM Management :