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As a premier 3D Drafting services group, DJM operates a Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Virtual Design Company (VDC) providing experienced coordination, project management and building design solutions for Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing (MEP) trades in the construction industry.

Using only the most current software technologies, DJM provides expert solutions for client’s needs including 3D CAD Modeling, Coordinated Drawings, BIM Coordination, Project Management and 3D Scan Services.

Our Services

DJM Design, CAD & Coordination Services provides BIM Coordination & Project Management, 3D Laser Scanning Services, 3D CAD Models with Coordinated Drawings for the Sheet Metal, Mechanical Piping, Plumbing, Electrical, Architectural and Structural trades, Pre-Fabrication/Spooling, Points File Creation and 3D Custom Part Modeling.

BIM coordination
BIM Project
BIM coordination services

3D BIM Coordination

3D sheet metal
sheet metal Sheet metal modeling

3D sheet metal Modeling

mechanical pipe drafting
Mechanical pipe mechanical pipe modeling

3D Mechanical Pipe

3D plumbing coordination
plumbing plumbing modeling services

3D plumbing

3D electrical draft
Electrical electrical modeling services

3D Electrical

3D architecture drafting
3D architecture - 3D design

3D architectural Modeling

3D structural modeling
structural modeling services- 3D

3D structural modeling

prefabrication service
and Spooling
fabrication services

Pre-fabrication Services

3D scanning services
3D scanning 3D scanning services

3D scanning Services

Pont creation services
Point Files Creation point creation services

Point Creation Services

custom part modeling
custom part
custom 3D modeling of parts

3D custom part modeling

estimating services
estimating estimation services


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